In 1968, Charlie Barnett Jr. purchased his first taxidermy book, and you might say the rest is history. Now, decades later, Gateswood Taxidermy is stronger than ever and has stood the test of time and a few hurricanes to boot. Each of Charlie’s sons eventually mastered the art and skill of taxidermy, and two of them (Michael and Melvin) have went on to teach others this great trade.

This business has put a lot of food on the table for the Barnett family and, more importantly, has given this family an opportunity to make many friends over the years. Today those little children that came in with their dads many years ago now come in with their own families. Professional, dependable service; a fair turn-around; and old-fashioned Southern hospitality and accessibility have been our trademark. We always have time to hear a hunting story or to listen to how you caught the big one!

Things took a turn in January 2000 when Charlie retired and passed the business down to his son Michael. Michael started learning taxidermy at the age of 13. He and his family work hard to bring you the best services at competitive prices. As in all businesses, technology evolves; and better ways, better tools, and better supplies have pushed taxidermy to the limits in recreating the most life-like artwork the world has seen yet.

At Gateswood Taxidermy only the best forms, eyes, and chemicals are used on your trophy. We research every product that goes into completing a mount. Decades of good research has proven itself time after time as returning customers brag how their trophy looks as good as the day they picked it up years ago.

No job is too big or too small. From elk to squirrels and every animal in between we produce the finest quality work in the industry. Over the years we have turned out every imaginable species and size of saltwater fish. From tournament winning Blue Marlin to a little boy’s first brim caught on a cane pole, we treat everyone’s work with great care and pride.

Change is inevitable, and there are many people that have come and gone out of business. We have been doing taxidermy in the same place since 1978. We have shipped animals, fish, and fowl all over North America. Here at Gateswood Taxidermy there are no geographical limitations as long as we can crate it.

Enjoy your visit on our website, and give us a call or drop in for a visit. Join thousands of satisfied customers, and let us be your taxidermist of choice!

Michael Barnett
President of Gateswood Taxidermy